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The Online Visa Waiver Program; What You Should Bear In Mind

So as to allow the citizens of the nominated countries to travel to the united states even without the need of obtaining the visa, the government of the United States introduced the visa waiver program. The main reason as to why the visa waiver program was introduced by the United State government was to take care of those individuals travelling to the U.S for the reasons such as tourism or the business. Those who uses the visa waiver program are usually allowed to have a stay in the United State for a period not exceeding 90 days. The United States and it territories is where the visa waiver program has a wide applications.

Only some countries have access to the visa waiver program as mentioned. One of the characteristics of these countries is that there economy has a high income. High human development index is another characteristic of these countries. The term developed countries may therefore be used for the purpose of referring to these countries.

So as one may travel without the visa under the visa waiver program, one will need to be authorized via the Electronic System for Travel Authorizations, ESTA. The authorization has to be made before one board the United States bound air or the sea carriers. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization is entirely online. The customs and border protection of the United States is the one tasked with the responsibility of managing it and that the systems are usually web based.

After a period of 2 years, it is required that one updates his visa waiver online. The update of the visa waiver may also be made necessary by a number of reasons. This may be when one obtains a new passport such as the temporary or the emergency visa. A change in one’s name, gender and the citizenship are other factors which also may lead to the update of the visa waiver program.

The fact that the ESTA is online based means that the tedious processes that were previously used by the traveling tourists and business persons have now been eliminated. It was a requirement that one has to visit the nearest embassy as part of the application process of the visa waiver. The process of obtaining the ESTA is usually completed online and from any part of the world, the application may be done. One is required to submit his personal information. Other information which is related to the travelling is also necessary of submitting. The information which has been submitted is then processed using the ESTA online processing system. After the submitted information has been processed, the response is usually given after a period of 72 hours whereby one will receive the visa waiver.

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